Tampines North Primary School presents: PULSE

Tampines North Primary School has always partnered with the Tampines Central and Tampines North Community Clubs at their events, such as the National Day Dinner and Mid-Autumn Festival. Our Performing Arts CCAs – International Dance, Malay Dance, Indian Dance and Choir – have often performed during these events. Every performance involved parents who supported the school by dressing up the performers, and attending the events. Such participation allows students to discover the importance of teamwork and the tenet “practice makes perfect”.

TNPS believes that community outreach is a great way to grow the arts climate in Singapore, from which the school enriches the community with its artistic performances while the community energises the school with its expertise. Indeed, the PULSE is the steady beat that resonates from the walls of the school to the walls of the community – and back!

1(top left: Indian Dance, top right: Malay Dance, bottom left: Angklung, bottom right: Choir-Photo with Mr Baey Yam Keng at the Sing! Tampines! Performance 2012, bottom: International Dance)

The Choir had the privilege of having a few weeks of tutelage with a local a capella group, MiCapella (http://www.micappella.com/Home/Home.html). Through this exposure, the Choir acquired knowledge on singing and producing sounds using only their voices and mouths. They performed with MiCapella at Sing! Tampines! in 2012.


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