Yishun Town Secondary presents: Light Up the Hearts with Batik

Together with Northwest CDC, the Art Club conducted a Batik Workshop at Christalite Methodist Home on 22 February and 22 March 2013.

The objective of the workshop was for Art Club members, from mainly secondary 2 and 3, to contribute back to the community with the skills that they have learned. Members guided the elderly to make batik artworks during the workshop. They had learned the basic skills of batik painting from an artist (sponsored by Northwest CDC) last year and now it was time to teach others.

Light Up the Hearts with Batik

Elderlies at Christalite Methodist Home enjoyed a leisure afternoon learning to make batik artworks. They had fun interacting with the students and were very glad to have made some beautiful batik pieces.

Students who volunteered at the workshop learned how to communicate better with the elderlies and understood them better.

After the project, students’s reflections included:

Nabihah (2E4): “I was able to teach the elderlies how to do Batik and I felt that it was an enriching experience. They tend to chat with me when I complimented their works. They were curious about my height. Some of them might be feeling lonely. I hope that our visit helped brighten up their day.”

S. Hari Prasath (2T8): “Mr Tony Chua was very kind and creative when he was drawing and I was really impressed. The elderlies were very excited when we visited them. We had good time bonding and learning together.”

Yong Zoe Min (3E7): “The elderlies shared their life stories with us and I learned a lot.”

Jean Lim (2E6): “We shared skills and knowledge with the elderlies. We communicated in Hokkien. I think our visit added colours to their lives.”

Jaclyn Chan (2E5): “My interaction with the elderlies was quite enjoyable. They were happy spend time with young people like us.”

Nadya Lim (2E3): “We chatted about their daily lives and spent a fun afternoon together learning something new.”

Hoi Hao Ning (2E4): “We left the elderlies with happy memories of us doing fun art and craft together. Our presence there curbed their loneliness.”


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