Temasek Junior College presents: ‘I’ in Community

Students worked on the theme: “Identity & Relationships” and each class displayed their own interpretation of the theme,

In total, there were 5 interpretations by different classes:

1)  CG1A/13 (“Signatures”) was based on names and signatures. The students used soft aluminium sheets to write and transform their names into images which represented themselves as a collective.

"I" In Community

2)  CG1B/13 worked on the traditional Japanese art of paper-folding- Origami. They used a traditional art form to create a contemporary installation that reflects the presence and contribution of an individual to a nation.

"I" In Community3)  CG1C/13 created a narrative that best reflected the class identity. Though fictional characters, 1C/13 created an “Urban Myth” to tell the story of two people who formed strange but unique bonds.

"I" In Community

4)  CG1D/13 presented a “Souvenir Shop” where they turned the meaning of objects around. This class questioned and challenged the functions of an object and the value placed upon them by turning them into artistic, kitsch, non-functional and sometimes dangerous items.

"I" In Community

5)  CG1E/13 created “Lived-in Sculptures”, 1E/13 looked at the theme of Identity and Relationships through a fashion lens. The clothes which they created, reflected their identity as students of TJC and as Singaporeans. Their garments echo their sentiments, which they want heard by generations to come.

"I" In Community

Artworks were essentially 3D forms appropriated from ready-mades and found objects. The showcase also included an interactive element. Participants were invited to paint an “i” on a block of wood to represent “i” in the community. They were then invited to organically stack the blocks of wood together to form one collective people.


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