Telok Kurau Primary presents: Reach for your Dreams

Reach for your dreams

In commemoration of the school’s 85th anniversary celebrations, 200 teachers and students came together and recorded a music album titled “Reach for your dreams” in 2011. The students were provided a platform to develop and showcase their musical talents. Also, the album project was aimed to provide an avenue for the school to give back to the community through raising funds for the school’s Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP) in Vietnam through the sales of the album.

The album consisted of various genres of songs ranging from hip hop to classical, as well as some original compositions from students. The performing arts CCAs such as the choir and the Guzheng ensemble also recorded two songs for the album.

Reach for your dreams

30 teaching and non-teaching staff, together with selected students, recorded the theme song of the album, “Reach for your dreams”.

Reach for your dreams

The support of various stakeholders, such as the school staff and our parents contributed greatly to the project: parents showed their support by fetching their children to and from the school for the rehearsals. One of the performer’s parents also supported the project by allowing her child’s composition on the electone organ to be included in the album.

Other than the students, teachers and parents, our school advisory committee have also demonstrated their generosity and support by purchasing a hundred copies of the album for our students who were on the financial assistance scheme.


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