St. Hilda’s Primary presents: Sunflower Walkway

The ‘Sunflower Walkway’ was a collaborative art project between the Bedok Community Centre and St. Hilda’s Primary School as part of the ‘PassionArts Month 2013 – Kaleidoscope in Bedok’ event. Wooden tiles which depicted sunflower motifs were mounted on the pillars along the walkway between St. Hilda’s Primary School, bus stop along the main road and estates in the Sunflower RC. This project served as a remembrance of the close-knitted ties and collaboration with the community in Bedok.

Sunflower Walkway

PAssionArts Month, a community arts and culture festival, was created by and for the residents in their own neighbourhoods. It was organised by the PAssionArts, Community Arts & Culture Clubs, People’s Association, together with other grassroots organisations in the respective constituencies. The festival was part of the PAssionArts Movement to bring arts to the community and make arts more accessible to the people. The festival also aimed to encourage residents to come forward to celebrate the creativity, diversity and joys of arts and culture in their estates. It was the organizers’ aim for residents to make new friends and to bond with fellow residents where they live.


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