Serangoon Gardens Secondary presents: Mural Painting @ THE SERANGOON 2012

Mural Painting @ The Serangoon enabled the school’s Art Unit to help the community centre realize its vision of capturing the energy and beauty of the daily life of residents in the community of which SGS is a member of.


The mural provided a canvas to capture values such as intergenerational understanding and empathy, racial harmony.  The mural depicts our ideal Serangoon community.  Residents, regardless of age, gender and race take great pride living in the estate harmoniously while keeping it clean and green and are considerate and sensitive to the needs of one another.  In Serangoon, residents commune together in their common space THE SERANGOON and around the estate as they enjoy various activities together – reading, playing soccer, exercising, walking our pets and admiring our birds.  Serangoon estate is the ideal sanctuary where fun and love exists!


The SGSIan Values of PRIDE (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diligence and Empathy) were internalized by the Secondary 3A1-3 Art students involved in this project as their efforts required many hours of discussion and preparation. The resulting mural helped Art students understand the necessary elements in harmonious nation-building. This relationship is on-going with future efforts to include mural design for a pre-school in Serangoon.

(The mural is open for public viewing at Serangoon Community Centre)


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