Serangoon Gardens Secondary presents: Project Care- Designs in Dementia Care 2012

The Normal technical (NT) streamed students at SGSians conceptualized, researched, designed and created sensory kits for clients with dementia in the Institute of Mental Health.

The secondary 2NT learners created sensory boards for clients to feel a variety of textures during their Art curriculum programme. Spice Boxes filled with different distinctive smells were designed by students from Design and Technology (D&T). Both items help to trigger the memory of these patients with dementia. Students from Food Studies created meals for clients based on the criteria for special diets. This project was aimed to imbue in their pupils the core values of ‘servant leadership’.


This project supported the call for VALUES -IN-ACTION and nurtured empathy and active citizenry through the students.The project was created to uphold the school’s NE message of ‘We ourselves defend Singapore’, through taking small steps in contributing to the nation’s health and well-being, by supporting activities that address the needs of this growing number of dementia cases. Through this on-going effort from year 2010 to the current year, the project has been able to create an awareness amongst the students, teachers, and the community, on the ravages of the challenges faced by patients, care-givers and society at large.


This community arts project gave pupils a platform to think innovatively, and most importantly, enabled them to help to benefit a growing group within society who are facing the ravages of dementia.


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