Ngee Ann Secondary presents: Splash Art

In 2012, the students at Ngee Ann Secondary School Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) embarked on a collaborative project with the Singapore Arts Festival (2012) Planning Committee and  Peacehaven Nursing Home. The project aimed to allow students to work with the elderly and young children to create a brighter atmosphere in their residences. The project was conducted in 3 phrases:

1. Investigation / Interviews and Initial Paintings

EAP Students interviewed Peacehaven residents about their preferences for potential art work in their surroundings and spent a day with them doing therapeutic painting.

Art Splash

2. Splash Art @ Singapore Arts Festival

Our EAP Students facilitated a 4 day art workshop at the Esplanade Park for young children and Peacehaven residents using creative Splash Art techniques. The children were allowed to create their own works of art as well as help create the art work for Peacehaven residents.

3. Installation of Art work at Peacehaven.

The final 4 works were then presented to Peacehaven residents. Residents and Students have also expressed their interest in working together again.

Art Splash

For full gallery of Ngee Ann Secondary’s art involvement, visit here.


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