Juying Primary presents: Build-Own-Community


Organised by the Nanyang Community Centre, the Art Carnival featured an eclectic mix of booths comprising of works of Art and a wide range of games for the community. The highlight of the event was a hands-on: Build-Own-Community Project (3D) activity.


The Nanyang Community Centre extended their invitation to residents within the constituency as well as the pupils of Juying Primary School to come together and envisage, then share their ideas, through art models, of an ideal community.


The individuals utilized cardboards, paints, crayons, markers and scotch tapes amongst and designed mock structures of amenities and facilities which they would like to see in their neighbourhood. This virtual art presentation showcased the brilliant concepts as well as the excellent handiwork of both residents and pupils.

This is inaugural collaboration organized between Juying Primary School and the Nanyang Community Centre, is a start to possible future collaborations.

For more information, visit here.

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