Elias Park Primary presents: Living Green @ Liang Court

Living Green

A recipient of the Green Audit Award, the school is focused on her green efforts and have hence, intentions to collaborate with a mall to showcase student talents as well as spread the green message.

In conjunction with the Living Green @ Liang Court event, the school conducted 1 performance and 3 workshops namely, Trash percussion, Recycle Fish Art and Terrarium Making. All of which conveyed the message of Recycling, Reducing and Reusing.

Living Green

Students interacted with the shoppers by teaching them how to make a fish sculpture through recycling a 1-litre PET bottle. This was followed by a performance from the students, through using recycled household equipment that were made into instruments. After the performance, the students invited shoppers to join the drum circle and taught them the different grooves and created rhythmic patterns together.

Living Green Living Green Living Green

The performance and workshops were well received and the mall invited the school back later this year to conduct similar ECO workshops at the mall’s Konnichiwa Japan Fest 2013.


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