Clementi Town Secondary presents: Clementi Towers Art Project

The Art Club of Clementi Town Secondary School was invited for the Clementi Towers project. Clementi Towers was completed in 2011 and comprises a total of 388 households. It is the first mixed development of commercial and residential units in Clementi Town. HDB proposed painting two to three prominent walls within the precinct with art relating to Clementi Town and/or the precinct with the designs to be created by the students from the Art Club (with the guidance of their teachers/mentors) and painted by residents (with the facilitation of the Art Club students).

Clementi TowersClementi Towers

The art wall project for Clementi Towers was part of HDB’s ACE! In the Heartlands’ initiative that sought to enhance the bonds between neighbours, at the same time, nurture their sense of attachment to their homes. Art became a platform to bring residents together in efforts to express their visions, hopes and memories towards their precinct.

Clementi Towers Clementi Towers Clementi Towers


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